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Ritra Cargo was founded in 1988 and soon became a specialist for the Asian region. Now, more than 25 years later, Ritra Cargo offers full logistics services worldwide.


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The services of Ritra Cargo are defining the face of our organization. Find out more about the more specific services Ritra Cargo provides by clicking on the links in the menu.


possible delays Fars East westbound cargo
17 - 09 - 2014

Ritra Cargo is always trying to find the best solution for your cargo out of the Far East to ensure fast delivery of your goods. We are depending on the reliability of the carriers and for the coming Golden Week holidays there will be some extra challenges.   More >>

Strike in Ningbo settled
26 - 08 - 2014

After 6 days the truckers’ strike in Ningbo has been settled completely. As off today 70% of the trucks are operational again, hopefully as off tomorrow that will be over 80%.   More >>

Update on Ningbo strike
21 - 08 - 2014

ruckers' strike in Ningbo has flared again, and this time the action has descended into violence. Around 200 truck drivers, made up from smaller, independent trucking firms, have been campaigning for higher pay. They went on strike for one day on Monday before authorities came in promising to hike pay. With strikes and protests frowned upon by Beijing most local reports of the protest were then wiped from Chinese media the next day.  More >>